Wild oregano, an antibiotic from nature

Wild oregano (Origanum vulgare) grows as a wild plant in the mountainous terrain of the southern Mediterranean. There are several types of plants; we commonly use Origanum minutiflorum, endemic plant that grows to less accessible areas, in the south of Turkey, and is highly prized because it contains the highest percentage of active ingredient carvacrol – which is the main antibacterial ingredient of wild oregano.

Wild oregano is aromatic, perennial, herbaceous plant with a strong stem, which can reach heights of up to half a meter, and at the top is very branched, green or reddish color. The leaves are oval, pointed and around the perimeter of goods serrated, and the flowers are purple-red to purple.

Phytotherapists point out that wild oregano is one of the most healing plant because of its extraordinary ability to destroy bacteria and fungi and therefore recommend that every household should have it.

It’s most commonly used as a tea, alone or in mixtures, but also oil of wild oregano is becoming increasingly popular. Tea has strong antibacterial properties and gives excellent results in the treatment of problems caused by Escherichia, staphylococcus, salmonella and fungus Candida. In addition, proven to be very effective in stomach, urinary and bowel problems, irregular menstruation, metabolic disorders, lack of appetite, followed by eczema, respiratory diseases, muscle cramps and rheumatism.

Essential oil of wild oregano is an effective aid in cases of infection of the throat and mouth, relieves cough and increases the defensive ability of the organism. The advantage of this oil (or vegetable oil in general) is that bacteria can’t develop resistance as in the case of conventional drugs based on antibiotics, but can be used without fear of its beneficial effects weaken. Also, it’s a great antioxidant, even hundreds of times “stronger” than green tea.

If you buy tea or oil of wild oregano, make sure of the origin of the product. Also, when it comes to teas, salves, tinctures, make sure that the product is certified and if the wild oregano used in its composition is organic or not, because only such – organic – has all the listed healing properties. Lately, we are swamped with advertisements of various products based on wild oregano, and many of those are “false”. And if you’re not a fan of natural products, you can always use it “only” as a spice because of the pleasant taste and wonderful fragrance or arranging decorations of flowers as they do not lose color for a long time even after drying.