What exactly is a natural cosmetic? The basic criteria are that every ingredient of such product must be of natural origin and that it must be additionally treated only in a minimal amount. During the natural cosmetics production process used are mainly handmade extracts of medicinal plants, natural waxes, water, herbal and essential oils, as well as the alcohol created by herbal extraction. Also, the process itself must be fast and simple so that the end result (balm, crème, etc.) has the composition closest to the one of the original herbal material.

Natural cosmetics cannot contain chemical and synthetic preservatives, emulsifiers, scents and colours, silicone, paraffin, Vaseline, genetically modified organisms and raw materials of animal origin (except for honey and wax) Natural cosmetics must not be tested on animals and the packaging must be ecologically acceptable.

Since the production process of a natural cosmetic preparation does not include preservatives, the answer to the question of how do such preparations last without these substances is that some natural component of the product acts as a preservative – propolis and natural alcohol, essential oils, as well as some production and packaging procedures.  This way, product contamination is prevented, and a long shelf life – up to 3 years – is ensured.

If you are interested in finding out why would you opt to use natural cosmetics, you should know that they are not addictive, and that they do not lead to reduced effects over time due to development of natural resistance to certain ingredients, as many synthetic products do. Natural cosmetics do not burden your skin, and encourage its self-corrective function, take the body and soul to a balanced state and respect natural rhythm of the skin, as skin care is a lot more than just physical treatments.IMG_3587


How are then natural cosmetics by Freshka Gora made? Sanja Kun, B.Sc.(Agr.), the owner of Freshka Gora and a woman whose diligent hands make all the Freska Gora products, brings love and attention to the production process and says: “When I choose the ingredients, I am always interested in effects they will have on the skin – are they mild enough (Calendula balm) or strong enough (Venvital balm) in order to provide the very effect that is desired. I use well known herbs which are tested and recognized within tradition, so there is general awareness of their benefits. Those are the plants that are native to Fruška Gora Mountain: chestnut, calendula and yarrow – which grow in almost every garden, but also the lavender that is now domesticated in this area. The price of raw materials is also very important, so that the products are accessible to everyone. It is important that the oils I use be fresh, that the packaging is of high quality and crafted of materials that don’t emit harmful vapours. My work area is always clean; all my work surfaces are impeccable. I also make sure that I don’t make large stocks of products, so they would arrive to its buyers as fresh as they can be.

Freshka Gora production process is carried out daily, with only over-the-weekend breaks, but sometimes, if there is a need, it continues even at weekend time.   Given that we have several groups of different products, the production itself is diverse, but adhering to best practices policy. For example, when balms are crafted, no other products are made during this process, as they need additional attention. Additionally, I like to “spice up” the whole process with some good music from the radio.

The beauty of natural cosmetics is in its simplicity and closeness to nature, and we can trust nature because it carefully nourishes our body and contributes to our health.