The sun equals life

Do you have a need for sunlight during fall and winter days? Think, when the sun finally branches, how everything looks beautiful, lively and playful? And do you tell your child, “Come out, get some sun!”?

There is an important connection between sunlight and us, the people. And it is no accident so. For everyone on earth sun is the source of life. It is enough to think of the complete absence of sunlight, of eternal darkness, and what would it do to the living world, and to understand that without the sun we can’t live. After all, don’t we like spring and summer because of those beautiful, sunny days and we’re “gloomy” on gloomy days?

Sunlight, on the way to the Earth’s surface, passing through the thick layer of atmosphere, while its ultraviolet radiation are filtered and thus removed her adverse effects. Every being in one way or another, use sunlight and depends on it. Plants use it in the process of photosynthesis – solar energy converted to simple sugars, other living beings use this simple sugars in their diet and so get the energy needed for all life functions, and so on, how the food chain requires.

What people are concerned, any excessive exposure to the sun causes various adverse effects, particularly on the skin, but also other parts of body – premature skin aging, sunburn, sunstroke and serious diseases such as skin cancer. This can be avoided by moderate and gradual exposure to sunlight with the use of creams and oils with a high SPF.

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On the other hand, the sun feeds us with his energy, kills harmful bacteria that are found on the skin and all around us, helps in the treatment of infections, strengthens our immune system and has a beneficial effect on the soul and mood. There is evidence that sun exposure helps with high blood pressure and arrhythmia, a positive effect on heart health and blood vessels, regulates blood cholesterol, sugar and hormones, reduces inflammation and increases our endurance and strength. Sunlight stimulates production of vitamin D in the body, which allows us to take advantage of calcium needed for bone and zube- without bones would have been weak and vulnerable teeth caries.

Sun has the ability of water purification. Regular drinking tap water can in this way be purified of Bacteria by pouring water into a glass container, not to the top, covering it with transparent cover and leaving in the sun for at least 5 hours, preferably 48 hours. Before modern “cleaners”, or various chemicals which today disinfect anything and everything, the women who were involved in, for instance, milk and dairy production had maintained their accessories clean and free of harmful bacteria that cause poisoning and various other afflictions, by leaving them out in the sun, after initial washing.

Nowadays, due to the reduction of the ozone layer that protects us from harmful ultraviolet radiation, safe time we can spend in the sun is shortened. But that we should not be deducted from exposure to sunlight. It is best during winter days to be out from 10 to 12 o’clock in the morning, and in the summer, with a mandatory protection in the form of hats, lightweight and loose-fitting clothing in bright colors and good protection factor, til 10h in the morning and in the afternoon after 17h.

Sun fills of our natural “battery” and so do not miss the opportunity to enjoy it, but every time you hate to go out, remember that our world would be gray and depressing without this wonderful light.