Since childhood, I enjoyed long walks and collecting and exploring new herbs across Fruška Gora. This directed me to later major in Agronomy. Our first product – Calendula ointment, arose straight from my love of herbs, joined with another personal need - that for a cream that will suite my sensitive skin. Calendula already grew in the garden, and Vlastimir had already been selling olive oil, herbal tea and honey, so I had all the ingredients I needed. That is how it all started.


We planted our first lavender field in 2008 on one of the Fruška Gora hills and thus became a private agricultural economy. Lavender is the basis of many of our products and at the time very small, barely visible seedlings have now become giant aromatic bushes amongst which, at harvest time, we can barely move. By listenig to our customers’, as well as our own needs, ideas started to sprang for a whole range of other herbal-based products…

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