Natural Sun Protection

With the arrival of summer and sunny days we pay more attention for sun protection. Did you know that there is a natural alternative to cosmetic products for sunbathing? Natural oils, butter and minerals are harmless, equally effective as advertised products with chemical ingredients, and are especially recommended for those with sensitive skin and children.clouds-and-sun-1361919

Your preparation for the protection from the sun you can prepare yourself. Vegetable oils and butters should be combined with natural minerals (eg. Zinc oxide), as oil protect against UVB rays that cause sunburn, and minerals filter UVA radiation that affects the skin aging and pigmentation. However, because of need for caution when adding these minerals, if you have no experience in such matters, buying ready-made natural beauty products or using only oil and butter is recommended.

These are oils with high SPF:

Raspberry seed oil has the highest protection factor – between 28 and 50 depending on the raspberries growing conditions. This oil is also useful with skin irritation, eczema and ulcers, because of their anti-inflammatory properties.
Hazelnut oil protects against UVA and UVB radiation, it feels good for all skin types, is absorbed quickly and prevents aging caused by sun exposure. Its SPF is between 10 and 30.
Carrot seed oil enhances skin elasticity, prevents wrinkles and pigmentation spots, and its estimated natural SPF is 38 to 40.
Wheat germ oil is the best for dry skin and is an excellent source of vitamin E. It nourishes and regenerates the skin, prevents irritation and uncomfortable tension that accompanies dry skin, and should not be used only by people who are allergic to wheat. The protection factor of this oil is 20.
Soybean oil evens the complexion, absorbs quickly and is rich in vitamin E. It is also effective as a mosquito repellent, and its SPF is 10.
You can combine these oils with lower protection factor with the above oils that have a high sun protection factor and thus achieve optimal protection, while at the same time you follow the needs of your skin. Macadamia oil has an SPF of 6,  jojoba oil 2, shea butter – SPF 3 to 6, coconut oil, olive 2 to 8,  almond oil 5 SPF, avocado oil 4 to 15.

Another thing you can do for your skin to protect it from the harmful effects of the sun’s rays is to introduce into the diet foods rich in carotenoids and vitamin C – peach, melon, red pepper, pomegranate, broccoli, barley, wild rose, citrus, cocoa and green and black tea.

To wisely enjoy the benefits of sunlight, without adverse consequences in the form of burns, redness, dried skin and premature aging, stay indoors from 11am to 16pm, use protective factors, drink enough water and wear appropriate clothing made of natural materials in bright colors, and wear some chic hat 🙂 .