In salads and on hair …

Yes, it’s vinegar.

It is the addition that gives freshness to green salad , without which roasted red peppers would not be so delicious. Ingredient used in small quantities to give the best results.

Any vinegar- alcoholic, winey, apple or fruitful, will be good for salad, and … use where ever you like.
Still, alcoholic or white are most commonly used to clean domestic or canned foods, while wine and apple are richer and we prefer to use them for salads and hair.

We can make a delicious and useful drink from apple juice.
Put a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of apple vinegar in a glass of water. When melted, drink this drink during the day in small sips between or during meals. It facilitates the digestion to clean the entire body and heals it.

And how does it work on hair?
If it is added after washing the hair, the last rinse (one pie on 1/2 l of water) hair gives a shine and regulates the pH. Removes mineral deposits from hard water, deeply cleans hair and regulates sebum secretion.
You can determine the color of your hair by treating it with mixature of a cup of water and a cup of vinegar.

In combination with lemon juice you can make hair wisps.
Apply the same amount of apple juice and lemon juice and apply it to your hair, leave it for 10 minutes. The effect is better if the hair is dried in the sun.

So simple and available ingredient with so many application options! 🙂