His Majesty – The honey

Honey is syrupy, very dense and sweet substance, the product of honey bees. It can be obtained from only one type of plant (eg. Acacia honey) or with more plant species (meadow, flower honey, etc.). The name comes from ancient word Medhu, which is very similar expression to Serbian word “med”. Used since ancient times- one of the first references to honey even in the Sumerian and Babylonian texts that are written cuneiform. Initially used in ceremonies, and later as a food. Records of honey we find in the Bible, the Koran and various writings of the ancient Greeks and Egyptians used it in the embalming process. It is well known alcoholic drink with honey that the Greeks considered sacred. Honey is used as a means to pay for their valuables, as a sweetener, for making potions and medicines, as well as mortar. Its use has not changed much since the olden days, today we use practically the same purpose as before.
In cosmetics, among the most prized ingredients in natural care product for all skin types, including sensitive. It soothes inflammation, accelerates regeneration, prevents skin dryness, premature aging and the appearance of wrinkles, because it has a feature to attract and retain moisture. It also protects the skin from the harmful effects of external influences, minimizing the appearance of scars, stimulates tissue repair.

Beeswax and propolis are the products that we get along between. Beeswax is one of the important ingredients of cosmetic products, because it creates a thin film on the skin and not clog pores, well absorbed and the best natural protection from wind, cold and other factors that cause discomfort. Slows moisture loss and aging, and skin him soft, smooth and elastic.

Propolis is used for its anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties. It has calming effect, reduces swelling and redness, reduces pain and prevents scarring, and is excellent for burns of various kinds. Propolis extremely beneficial effects on many diseases of the skin and scalp and accelerates the healing of wounds.
Because of the proven beneficial effects on the skin, Freshka Gora use honey, beeswax and propolis in its products. Balm Blago licu mom wonderfully nourishes the skin, soothes redness and reduces wrinkles due to, among other things, honey and beeswax and in the windy, cold days provides protection by preventing it from drying out.

Beeswax in Venvital gives the skin elasticity and reduces inflammation, while in Marigold ointment intensively protects dry and sensitive skin from irritation. Also, honey and beeswax with the other ingredients in the honey lipbalms nourish lips and make them gentle, soft and irresistibly fragrant. And if you love natural, handmade soaps with honey, try soap Chisto honey-propolis, good for greasy type of skin- because of propolis, and for dry skin- because of honey, it gently cleans and leaves skin refreshed without the unpleasant feeling of tension and dryness.
If possible, eat a spoonful of honey every day, use the body and face products based on honey and enjoy the upcoming winter days, ensure you’re protected and nurtured.