The guardian of health – coconut oil

Coconut oil is an edible oil that is obtained by spinning (usually dried) meat of a mature coconut with coconut palms. Its application is various- very useful in food and cosmetic products, like small number of oils.

For years it was unjustly neglected, because it was thought that it’s harmful to the body because of the large amounts of saturated fat, and scientific studies have shown that saturated fats are bad for the heart. However, further research shows that, when it comes to coconut oil, this is not true due to specific character of the saturated fatty acid-lauric, capric and caprylic (similar fatty acids are found and the first breast milk that helps in forming the child’s immune system). So the coconut oil, in fact, differently from the other saturated oils, converts into energy, not precipitated in the form of fat. Because of this, it is very suitable for use in food, and is stable at high temperatures than other popular oils (eg, soy and flaxseed oil, since oil from beets) – you just need to know that the smoke point of coconut oil is 175 degrees , so in its use for frying recommended use temperature controls. Before using coconut oil, you should check the package whether it is intended for food preparation or skin use. And one more note: not suitable for cold dishes (eg. As a dressing for cold salads), because on temperatures below 24 degrees it solidifies, and form a sturdy, white layer that does not look neither very tempting, nor edible.coconut-on-the-golf-course-15655711

Also, because of their pronounced antimicrobial characteristics- acts against fungi, viruses and bacteria, coconut oil can be an ally in the fight against diaper rash, herpes, Candida, urinary tract infections, measles, influenza, hepatitis C and so on. It has a beneficial effect on digestion ( improves digestion and absorption of nutrients), strengthening the immune system, problems with liver, kidney, thyroid, bones and teeth, with heart disease, and because of the easy digestibility, energy that gives and boost your metabolism is recommended for people who want to reduce body weight and diabetics. Coconut oil control blood cholesterol, helps to maintain the PH value is an excellent detoxifying agent and antioxidant.

Coconut oil has a very long shelf time- especially virgin, will not spoil at room temperature, so it does not have to be kept in the refrigerator, unlike other oils.

When cosmetics are concerned, coconut oil can be found everywhere- in shampoos, hair masks, face and body creams. It can be used independently- eg. as oil for split ends of hair or with problems with extremely dry skin of the body, and is one “home” receipe: pour the jar of coconut oil, finely grated peel from oranges and sugar (white, yellow or brown) and the third jar of each ingredient, stir and enjoy.

Freshka Gora use coconut oil in their hand-made products, as a base in deosticks, and elsewhere.

The benefits of coconut oil are really multiple, because it is nutritious and healthy foods, and excellent for outdoor applications, but we can say that is good and desirable to have it in the house.