Can you wash hair with oil?

Yes, if oil is the main ingredient of a shampoo.

Coconut oil and olive oil are more and more present in our diet, and also proven to be excellent for hair.
All around the world, coconut oil is considered one of the best hair oils. It’s a real balm, and combined with castor oil, it can help restore baldness and hair loss.
A large number of natural medicines is a mixture of these oils with healing herbs. One of these is cooking sage leaves in coconut oil. This preparation gave great results in hair loss prevention.

There are numerous benefits of this oil:
-easily and quickly penetrates within the blood, it is nourished and rejuvenated,
-keeps the hair moistured for a long time, makes it fluttering and soft,
-nourishes the scalp, acts antibacterial and improves circulation,
-heals the cleavage of the ends.
And for the end – it protects the hair from lice and removes them.
One study conducted in the UK has shown that this oil in combination with anise essential oil can be 2× more effective than the best preparation against lice.

Before bed, rub your cocoon oil in your hair and wash it in the morning. You can repeat this procedure several times a month to keep your hair healthy.

The other oil, which does not fall behind the coconut in its action both for nutrition and nutrition, is olive oil.
When used, the hair becomes softer and healthier.
It stimulates the circulation of the scalp and thus contributes to faster growth of hair.
It melts topics, prevents the phenomenon from dying and regulating fat.
Can be used as a balm after washing.
Apply about half of the olive oil scoop to dry or wet hair, wipe it around the palms and apply it to the ends of the hair. This will provide them with softness and protection.
The benefits these two oils bring are numerous and it is up to us to choose how we will enjoy them :).

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