Body milk

Body milk Sweet briar
Hand made, from natural ingredients, freshly prepared macerate and aqueous extract of wild rose fruit. The combined oils and aqueous extracts have an enhanced beneficial effect on all skin types.
The oil of wild rose is considered the number one oil in antiejdž cosmetics.
Macerat fruits wild roses with grape and almond oil, making it excellent for regeneration of the skin. It is rich in vitamin E and retinol (active vitamin A) and it works:
– against wrinkles
– restores the surface protective layer
– prevents photo-taking of the skin
– it retains moisture, calms down
The result of regular use is rejuvenated and shiny skin.

Body milk Everlasting
Carefully, hand-made from natural ingredients, with freshly prepared extracts.
The combination of almond and olive oil make this milk suitable for all skin types, and especially sensitive and mature, regenerates the cells and makes the skin fresher.
Thanks to oily and aquatic extract, it’s rich in antioxidants that act strongly against free radicals and thus prevent premature aging of the skin.
It improves microcirculation, strongly stimulates the production of collagen and acts antiseptically.
Regular use achieves a uniform tone and removes stains on the skin.