This beautiful baby powder

Do you have baby powder in the house? And do you know that this powder is real small multipurpose product, because in addition to its primary purpose, it can be used in a variety of other purposes. Some of them are already well known, while others will perhaps surprise you, but there is no doubt that you will find at least one more useful way to use baby powder, if so far you have not already.

If you like your lashes to be thick and long and use mascara that give them just that look, try this trick: gently apply thin layer of powder on the lashes, between applying mascara. Baby powder will have an effect as well as those tiny hairs in mascara for volume increase, and will not allow mascara to be “mapped” to the lower eyelid. Also, baby powder can be used as a fixative makeup and to prevent that unwanted seeding on the chin, nose and forehead. Also, extend durability of lipstick on your lips if you apply it between two layers of lipstick.
If you would like a quick fix of your not-so-clean hair, baby powder can be used as a dry shampoo, it will absorb excess fat from the top of your head, but do not overdo it with the amount you put, for it will have the opposite effect from what you have want. It is excellent as a replacement for deodorant, it refreshes and nourishes the delicate skin armpits, and prevents irritation after shaving and depilation.
To parents of babies and young children this is certainly familiar – just when you finally put your child to sleep and went to duck out of the room, parquet creaks, a child’s eyes light up fully awake. Baby powder can help. Sprinkle it on the floor and spread with a broom so it gets into the gaps between the slats and enjoy the silence.
In the kitchen it can help you get rid of ants, especially in summer. Sprinkle baby powder in places where you notice ants – in corners, around windows, flower boxes and you will see that they will go away. Make handmade freshener: put your favorite essential oil in it, pour into bowls and put it where you want. In addition to being inexpensive and easy to make, this freshener smells great and just the way you like.

Baby powder is also excellent as a substitute for cleaning products:
– Applied to the oily stain on clothing it makes it easier to remove these stains during laundering;
– Poured into shoes it odors and prevents sweating, especially in summer when the shoes, such as ballet ones, are worn without socks;
– Use baby powder to clean your dog without bathing (and free bed or cot dusted with powder and the effect will be complete);
– Applied to the old books helps to disappear the stench of mold, absorb moisture and protect them from further deterioration.
During the warm summer days, baby powder can help you sleep better – sprinkle it on bed sheets, thus it will absorb sweat from the body and make you a more pleasant night. And at sea, use baby powder and send will not stick to beautiful skin so much; this of course has no effect if you are wet from swimming, but it has to dry skin.
So, buying baby powder really pays off, being cheap, replacing a variety of other products that you spend far more money, smelling wonderful and using indefinitely without fear of allergies or irritation.