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  • withVenvital body balm

    Brings relief to tired legs, stimulates circulation and, because it contains essential oils of mint, lavender and rosemary, leaves a pleasing cooling sensation. Chestnut, calendula and yarrow have beneficial effects for blood vessels, while the beeswax, olive and coconut oils nourish and regenerate the skin.

  • Lavender deostick

    Gives reliable protection from the odours caused by sweating while leaving the whole body refreshed by the mild and gentle scent of lavender essential oil. Coconut oil and beeswax nourish and keep the skin hydrated. Because of its entirely natural composition it is fully suitable for children.

  • Blessed is my face

    This multipurpose nurturing balm is suitable for care of all skin types. Its base of olive and coconut oils contains all the vitamins and antioxidants your skin needs. Honey, beeswax and cocoa butter rich in vitamin E, additionally keep the skin hydrated and nourished. The essential oil of lavender soothes, while orange’s one invigorates.

  • Calendula soap

    Very gentle to the skin, rich in glycerine, with fresh calendula petals. Cleans gently, keeping the softness and moisture of the skin. It is recommended for people with skin that is dry, sensitive and prone to allergies, but also for pregnant women, as well as for giving bathe to babies and children. Since it is odourless, it is suitable for everyone who is not comfortable with aromatic soaps.


Poskupljenje pošte

Post Expres je podigao cene:

do 0,5kg je sada 200rsd (bilo je 150),

do 2kg je 250rsd (bilo je 240).

Ostalo ne utiče na Vas kod nas,

jer mi plaćamo poštarinu za iznose preko 2.000rsd.



Hvala Vam 😃 More


Body milk

Body milk Sweet briar Hand made, from natural ingredients, freshly …




Roda location where you can buy products of 8 SUPER SERBIA project participants:

RODA VOŽDOVAC, Zaplanjska 32 RODA MEGA FOB, Đorđa Stanojevića 35 RODA MEGA ZMAJ, Zemun, Auto put 18

RODA FUTOŠKA NOVI SAD, Kiš Ernea 2 RODA MEGA NOVI SAD, Temerinski put 50

RODA SMEDEREVO, Đure Salaja bb RODA LESKOVAC, Mlinska 146 RODA MEGA NIŠ, Vizantijski Bulevar 1

RODA MEGA SUBOTICA, Segedinski put 92 RODA ČAČAK, Braće Spasić bb RODA KRAGUJEVAC, Save Kovačevića 48A

RODA ŠABAC, Jovana Cvijića 1A

RODA ZRENJANIN, Pere Dobrinovića 35

RODA KRUŠEVAC, Blagoja Parovića 20

RODA VALJEVO, Bulevar Palih boraca 91-92. br.1



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News from Freshka Gora

Deostick Lemon, handmade from natural ingredients, will get your love at first touch 🙂 . 




New product – AB balm

From the instructions: “The balm contains isolates of plants that …



Natural protection from mosquitoes

Deostick Lavender.



Pet soap

It is very gentle, and cleans thoroughly, has a discreet scent, doesn’t stay on the fur and isn’t unpleasant to their sensitive sense of smell. We added caster, coconut and olive oil along whit a chocolate aroma to the soap, so don’t be surprised if during a bath it suddenly disappears, because your pet couldn’t resist the temptation.


Freshka Gora is a family craft shop. We make hygiene products that are entirely natural and are aimed at keeping the skin of the entire body fresh and nourished. In October 2007 we made our first, small steps of the journey towards what we are today. The whole production process is performed manually and all the ingredients we use are entirely natural - without addition of artificial colours, scents and preservatives.

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Handmade products that bring freshness of the Fruška Gora forests and meadows, manufactured exclusively from natural ingredients


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